Check Out this Mad Volvo 960 With a V8-Swap and Claimed 2,200 HP

Check Out this Mad Volvo 960 With a V8-Swap and Claimed 2,200 HP

The Volvo 960 is a large, comfortable car that’s billed as safe and full of cool touches of Swedishdesign flair. However, we don’t know what its original designers would make of this mad mod job from Pennsylvania. It’s an eBay find, but its auction has now expired, not meeting its reserve, with a top bid of $12,600.
Still, with a claimed 2,200 hp from a quad-turbocharged big-block V8 engine and some… questionable choices of improvements, we thought it would be fun to share anyway.
The owner apparently has receipts to prove he spent $5,000 on the engine block alone, as well as all the internal bits that are the “best of everything.” Then he added four turbos for good measure, thus enabling the car to reach the alleged peak horsepower output – there’s even a dyno sheet shot, but it’s not completely convincing on its own. I would have liked to see a video of it in action – if one does pop up along the line, we’ll definitely post it.
Hopefully, by that time its new/current owner will have been told by somebody that the cutout hood, the wheels and the ride height are three things that should be addressed, before would even stand a chance to woo a serious performance car crowd.
By Andrei Nedelea
Story References: eBay via hooniverse



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