Tesla Model X Has Racked Up More than 6,000 Orders Already

Tesla Model X Has Racked Up More than 6,000 Orders Already

Despite last week's bad news for Tesla Motors, with the Model S fire causing company stocks to fall, it looks like people are still confident in the company’s products. Reservations for the upcoming Model X crossover have exceeded the 6,000 mark, with a member of the Tesla MotorsClub website confirming he has reserved car number 6,117 on October 5.
Refundable reservations start at $5,000 for the base Model X, while those for the Model X Signature start at $40,000. It’s not clear how many of each variant have been reserved, nor how many customers have ordered the 60 kWh battery pack versus the more powerful and longer range 85 kWh pack.
However, it's a good sign for Tesla Motors that the Model X, the price of which remains unknown, has managed to rack up more than 6,000 reservations with deposits. The Model X is expected to cost about the same as the Model S, which is priced between $62,400 and $95,000 before incentives.
Many Model X reservation holders appear to be existing Tesla customers, with either a Roadster or a Model S already in their garage. Many are looking to buy the Model X as a replacement for a conventionally-powered SUV.
The Model X is built on a slightly modified version of the Model S platform and comes with seating for seven adults and optional all-wheel-drive capability via two electric motors. Deliveries will begin next year.
By Dan Mihalascu
Story References: plugincars 



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