Tour Honda's Collection Hall Museum in Japan with Google Maps

Tour Honda's Collection Hall Museum in Japan with Google Maps

The idea of bringing Google Street View indoors is brilliant, because most of the interesting stuff there is to be seen in built-up areas, is to be found inside.

For instance, up until now, you would have used the internet giant’s service to check out what the roads around the Ring Motegi track in Japan looked like, and that would have been it. Now, they’ve added one stop that will definitely make the mouse click-powered virtual trip worthwhile.
That’s because the Honda Collection Hall museum that’s located next to the famed racetrack has been included in the array of Street View-shot interiors, along with other cool automotive-related ones such as the Lamborghini Museum.
It’s meant to showcase pretty much all of Honda’s significant two- and four-wheeled vehicles destined both for racing and the road, and houses around 350 fully refurbished exhibit pieces.
Two of the floors are covered: the third floor deals with competition cars and bikes, while the second floor houses all of the important historic road-going models. Each level has its own link and have to be accessed separately - you can check them out below!
By Andrei Nedelea
Story References: Google Maps via Silodrome


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