Volvo Releases the Bulls on Its New FL Distribution Truck

Volvo Releases the Bulls on Its New FL Distribution Truck

Remember Volvo Trucks’ promotional videofeaturing a hamster? Well, the Swedish truck-maker has released a similar commercial, only this time it used bulls to promote one of its products, the Volvo FL distribution truck.
In the new film named “The Chase”, the FL truck is chased by bulls in a race through Spain’s medieval town Ciudad Rodrigo. With precision driver Rob Hunt behind the wheel, the red-painted truck manages to squeeze through the town’s narrow streets while being pursued by angry bulls.
The idea behind the video is to show how easy the 12-ton FL truck is to maneuver in a demanding urban environment, on a 2-kilometer (1.24-mile) long course. “The town is old, the streets are narrow and we drive on slippery cobblestones. To be chased by bulls on top of that is a real challenge,” said Rob Hunt.
To keep ahead of the herd of bulls, he had to maintain a speed of at least 30 km/h (18.6 mph). “The bulls maintained a consistently high speed and were really close sometimes, but the truck handled the corners very well so it was just a matter of driving,” said Rob Hunt.
You can watch the unusual chase after the break.
By Dan Mihalascu




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