Vossen Dresses Infiniti Q50 with New Rims

Vossen Dresses Infiniti Q50 with New Rims

The Infiniti Q50 is a nicely styled and designedmodern sedan, with clear Japanese origin, European influences and a (primarily) American final destination. It is in no way a bad looking new car, but as is always the case, the regular manufacturer rims and standard ride height do little to enhance the overall look.
That’s why the car in the video posted below look so much better. It gets some cool newwheels from Vossen that are of a new design that require special manufacturing techniques, as well as a lower ride height, to give them a better chance of filling the arches. The rims themselves, called CVT, are directional and come in 20- or 22-inch flavors, and will be available for purchase this month or in November, depending on which size you want (the larger ones will be available next month).
I think they look spot on underneath the Q50, but look far less so when fitted to a Nissan GT-R,BMWs, a Mercedes-Benz SL or Ford Mustang where to me they looked out of place. The Infiniti is the only one of the bunch that completely pulls them off, while at the opposite end of the suitability scale we have the Audi S5, which in my opinion, should have stuck to stock.
By Andrei Nedelea




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