Hyundai Elite i20 cross launch date

Hyundai Elite i20 cross launch date

Hyundai motor India Ltd has been testing the Hyundai Elite i20 cross recently and the launch date is stipulated to be in March 2015. The cross between a hatch and an SUV looks stunning as far as the cladded testing version can allow it to look. 

i20 inspiration

The Hyundai motors is expected to have the launch date of the Hyundai elite i20 cross in late march. The car booking may start around the festive season of Holi to boost sales while delivery may be in April/June.

The car features the same technical specifications as that of the i20 Elite and has few external additions like roof-rail and side-cladding. The car may feature  differently tuned engines to cater to the increased size and mass of the vehicle. The new vehicle is also expected to take on the competitors like Jazz, which is not selling much in the market.

Expected specs for this car are:
Petrol versionDiesel version
1.2L 1.4L CRDi







spied hyundai i20 cross

The sales figure for Hyundai i20 was 9345 for the month of Dec 2014 across India and that of Maruti Suzuki Swift was 17410 and Tata Zest at 3046.

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